PFT - Lungs Function Test

PFT or Pulmonary function tests are also called as Lungs function tests or breathing tests. These tests help your doctor establish how well your lungs and the airways are working. These tests are required during the diagnosis of breathing conditions and will help the doctor understand how severe the ailment is and suggest a treatment for the same.

There are different types of lung function tests can be recommended based on your age and health condition. The lungs function tests that include the airflow are peak expiratory flow (PEF) measurement and spirometry. These tests can also include a bronchial provocation testing at times.

Lung function tests can also be used to measure the gas exchange in the lungs. These tests include gas diffusion tests and arterial blood gas analysis. Your doctor might as well suggest some exercise tests that show how the breathing problem is showing an impact on your life.

Dr. KK Pandey is a specialist who treats a number of diseases that are related to lungs and breathing. Dr. KK Pandey can treat people suffering from a spectrum of pulmonary diseases like Asthma, Lung Cancer, Cough and COPD). The doctor also provides outpatient pulmonary care at various locations and works closely with other specialists from Primary care, Allergy, ENT and Oncology.

The unique collaboration with various hospitals helps us provide efficient and effective care to all our patients.