Pulmonology as an area of medicine focuses on the respiratory system’s health. Dr. KK Pandey is a well known pulmonologist with decades of experience and he treats various ailments related to the respiratory system.

Some of the subspecialties of Pulmonology treated by Dr. KK Pandey are

  • Interstitial lung diseases, which occur due to severe inflammation and scarring
  • Interventional Pulmonology, a treatment method used to treat the disorders in the airway and pleural diseases
  • Management of lung transplantation before as well as after the surgery
  • Treatment of neuromuscular diseases, the condition that mostly occurs due to the failure of respiratory muscle failure
  • Sleep disorders
  • And Obstructive lung diseases

Dr. KK Pandey diagnoses and treats the conditions which affect the respiratory functioning in men, women and kids. The types of respiratory disorders he has expertise are infectious, structural, inflammatory, neoplastic and autoimmune.

Dr. KK Pandey also treats some conditions that can even extend to the cardiovascular system like the pulmonary vascular disease. This first affects the respiratory system and later spreads to the other parts of the body.

When do you need to see a pulmonologist?

If you observe unusual symptoms you certainly need to consult your primary doctor, who based on the symptoms can refer you to a pulmonologist. You need see a pulmonologist if you experience symptoms like:

  • If you have a habit of smoking
  • Having severe and sudden weight loss
  • Experiencing breathing problems which makes it uneasy for you to do exercises